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The Polish Bund’s fight for survival and social transformation in 1930s Poland

Bernard Goldstein’s recently translated memoir Twenty Years with the Jewish Labor Bund takes us inside the Jewish Labor Bund’s fight for survival and social transformation in 1930s Poland. The Bund stressed, under its doctrine of “hereness” (doikayt in Yiddish), that the right place for Jews was where they already lived.

Samuel Farber’s review tells the story. […]

Jewdas – a voice from within

In this article published in openDemocracyUK from where we gratefully crosspost it, Rob Abrams gives a personal account of what Jewdas has meant for him, providing that Jewish spiritual home he could no longer find in the mainstream Jewish world he had grown up in. […]

Jewdas give an account of themsleves

We’re delighted to cross-post this article from Comment is Free, delighted that Jewdas is getting a mass hearing for its views, activities and irreverancies, delighted at the sprit of it all.

For an article posted just over 3 hours ago to have already been shared over 5,000 times it must have got something right! […]

Rebels, Strikers and Anti-Fascists – London’s Radical Jewish history

David Rosenberg is the author of the much-acclaimed Rebel Footprints: A Guide to Uncovering London’s Radical History published in 2015. It is a book that invites us to step into the footprints of a diverse cast of dedicated fighters for social justice, from the suffragettes to the socialists, from the Chartists to the trade unionists.

In this talk David will focus on the Jewish contribution to London’s great radical tradition. […]

The political-cultural struggle

Lane Silberstein, a Jewish member of Democratic Socialists of America, looks at the threat of facism on the horizon and argues: “A Jewish community that does not respect the diaspora as a place of legitimate struggle, that does not stand in solidarity with others, is in fact a companion to the rise of fascism… We no longer have leaders who can present a vision for a better future, much less the tools to get there.” […]

Young American Jews are falling out of love with Israel

in an interesting analysis, Batya Ungar-Sargon, opinion editor of the Jewish American publication Forward, reports that younger American Jews are falling out of love with Israel. For instance, only 40% of young American Jews in a recent survey are “comfortable with the idea of a Jewish state,” and only 30% of them sympathize more with Israel than with the Palestinians. […]

Women and the vote

On the hundredth anniversary of the enfranchisement of (some) women, David Rosenberg looks at the immigrant experience, the involvement of some in the struggle for the vote but also in women’s struggles for equality and wider working class struggles. He suggests that few of them would have benefited at the time from the extension of the franchise. […]

JVL statement in support of Israel’s new refuseniks

We in Jewish Voice for Labour send our support and solidarity to the 63 Israeli teenagers who have this week refused to be conscripted into the Israeli army: “We have decided not to take part in the occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people. The ‘temporary’ situation has dragged on for 50 years, and we will not go on lending a hand.”

JVL welcomes their refusal – the latest in a long line of refusals since Israel’s imperial expansion in 1967 – and applauds their courage. The scale of refusal is telling, as is the clear political message that these teenagers are articulating. We give them all our full support and call on others – particularly in the Jewish community in Britain and in the Labour Party, both of which we are part of – to do likewise. […]

Our history – an occasional series

David Rosenberg writes:

On the JVL statement of principles it says: “We take inspiration from the long history of Jewish involvement in the socialist and trade union movements and in anti-racist and anti-fascist struggles…”, so here is a little slice of history. Be inspired. […]

A graphic account of the moral bankruptcy of the leadership of the American Jewish community

Eli Valley is an American cartoonist/polemicist who often leaves Steve Bell looking timid by comparison. Coming from the heart of the American Jewish community, whose leadership rounds on its critics with remorseless intensity, Valley has responded with a quiet fury of his own. Now read on! […]