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Marie Schmolka, who inspired the Kindertransport

Anna Hájková & Martin Šmok remember Marie Schmolka, a lifelong Social Democrat in Czechoslovakia, who coordinated assistance to refugees from the Nazi regime, and inspired the Kindertransport. She has been forgotten. The preparatory committee for the Marie Schmolka Memorial wants to change that and will soon start soliciting donations to support the memorial — a plaque at her house in Gospel Oak, a statue in Prague, and a prize for historical work addressing female Jewish social workers in the Holocaust. […]

What is it to be Jew-ish?

Jo Bird writes: “One of my parents is Jewish, the other is not. For many years, I didn’t feel Jewish enough, or pro-Israel enough, to name and claim my experiences as Jewish. This is my story.” […]

I am a secular Jew…

A heartfelt piece by Daniel Susskind on what it is to be Jewish: “There is no contradiction here, between being a devout Jew and not having faith. The Holocaust was not only an attempt to kill a Jewish God, but also to destroy a Jewish civilisation – our histories and memories, songs and stories, ways of thinking and living.” […]

L’shona tova – happy new year!

We wish all our members and supporters A Sweet, Healthy and Successful New Year. May it bring more justice in the world and more freedom of expression in the Party and beyond. […]

An event that changed me forever – David Rosenberg

I had a sense of family obligation, and even in my early 20s, when it came to the High Holy Days – Rosh Hashona (New Year) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) I would return to my parents’ home and go with them to the synagogue. That all ended after Rosh Hashona 1982. that was The. Last. Straw.

In his sermon this young Lubavitcher had started to comment on the war in Lebanon and the massacre that had just taken place at Sabra and Shatila. His words are still burned into me… […]

“Trust me, I was once a first-year Jewish student too.”

Robert Cohen, blogger extraordinaire in his Writing From the Edge: Rescuing the Hebrew Covenant One Blogpost at a Time remembers what it was like to be a Jewish fresher at university 30 years and gives good advice to others just entering now. […]

Jewish land trumps Jewish God

In May 2015 Robert Cohen, blogger at Micah’s Paradigm Shift, wrote a blogpost for JfJfP reflecting on the need to reclaim the language of Jewish identity: “I want to criticise Israel not to do down the tribe but to stay loyal to it. I want to uphold the values and teaching that I think of as mine by birth and by upbringing. Jewish nationalism, and a blind loyalty to all things Israeli, has stolen my identity and my religion. Now I’m taking it back, one blog post at a time.” […]

Jewish Identities

We will be republishing a number of articles, published in previous months and years, exploring aspects of Jewish identity. Here is the first: Jewdas’s 2015 argument that “Jews will become full allies in the battle for justice in Israel/Palestinian only when they see that living a secure, rich, full Jewish life does not depend on oppressing another people.” […]