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What has been going on?

Interesting and provocative analyses of the current onslaught on Corbyn and the Labour party continue to appear. We give short extracts from three of them, by Richard Seymour, Mark Mazower and Mike McNair, with links to the full articles. […]

Campaign Against Antisemitism? Oh no it doesn’t!

Who are the CAA who have called the antisemitism demo against Corbyn and the Labour Party on Sunday?

First of all, they have nothing whatsoever to say about the spectre which is haunting Europe – the truly alarming rise of major far right, neo-fascist parties across ten countries, yes ten. […]

Lessons learnt by an Israeli Jew in the pro-Palestinian movement in the US

Israeli Jew Tom Pessah joined the UC Berkeley chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) in 2006 and was active in the movement there many years. He shows how, contrary to what pro-Israel activists claim, it is the BDS movement that has been instrumental in challenging antisemitism on the left in the US. And he gives vivid examples of how these pro-Israel activists were trained to manipulate opinion, for instance by “translating” [i.e. misrepresenting] phrases used by SJP into familiar antisemitic tropes in order to smear them. […]

Antisemitic smears against Jenny Formby refuted by Unite

Unite confirm that a statement issued on 1st March by Labour Against Anti-semitism (LAAS) is a malicious smear against Jennie Formby. A JVL statement was added to this post on 2nd Marcmh. So was a Free Speech on Israel statement on 4th March. […]

Opposition is growing to the use of the IHRA definition of antisemtism

Ben White writes: “Pro-Israel groups in Britain are facing resistance in their attempts to use a controversial definition of antisemitism to stifle Palestine solidarity activism.

Concerns over free speech are being heeded by universities and local authorities, in what is a boost for Palestine rights activists currently holding, or preparing to hold, Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) events on campuses nationwide. […]

Support for Amnesty International UK’s refusal to host settlement apologists

Jewish Voice for Labour has given its full support to Amnesty Intenational for refusing to host a meeting organised by the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) which would include speakers who support illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. And Ben White gives more background on the JLC. […]

Who are the friends of Israel…

David Rosenberg discusses a few “Friends” of Israel you wouldn’t want to know. And how some of its real friends – those who have the interests of the peoples of the region at heart – are now being banned from entering the country. […]

Right-wing Jews organise to prevent discussion

In November and December this year, individuals claiming to defend the Jewish community against people they view as traitors – that is, Jews who are critical of Israel – have actively organised to disrupt a series of meetings on university and parliamentary premises. Free speech is seriously under threat as this article, cross-posted from the Free Speech on Israel website, shows. […]