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A closer look at the “exposure” in the Sunday Times

Glyn Secker shows the extremely flimsy nature of the Sunday Times “exposure” of antisemitism in Facebook groups supporting Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. It really doesn’t stack up at all! […]

Videos from JVL’s rally in Parliament Square

On 26 March the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council displayed their selective outrage in Parliament Square launching, with the support of Tories and too many Labour MPs, an attack on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

They have never displayed such concern about antisemitism in any other party or about the far […]

Enough already!

Jewdas is not renowned for the respect it pays to the elders of the Jewish community. Respect where it is due seems to be its watchword – and it doesn’t find much to respect.

But make up your own mind… […]

A trip to central Europe where past meets present

Jackie Walker reflects on racism and the far right as she describes a recent trip taking her show The Lynching to Berlin and Prague, amidst accusations that ‘Jackie Walker is an anti-Semite’ and attempts to close the show down. […]

Opposition is growing to the use of the IHRA definition of antisemtism

Ben White writes: “Pro-Israel groups in Britain are facing resistance in their attempts to use a controversial definition of antisemitism to stifle Palestine solidarity activism.

Concerns over free speech are being heeded by universities and local authorities, in what is a boost for Palestine rights activists currently holding, or preparing to hold, Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) events on campuses nationwide. […]

Labour bureaucracy hobbles defendants – again

Mike Cushman 24 January 2018

A party member has contacted JVL about the unnecessarily restrictions on how he can be represented at his disciplinary hearing. The party is insisting that defendants can only be represented by fully qualified, and therefore expensive, lawyers. Many, if not most, members cannot afford to pay a lawyer. The […]

Quaker responses to Israel’s blacklist of human-rights organisations

One of the groups on the Israeli government’s banned groups list is a Quaker organisation which won the Nobel prize along with the British Quaker Service Committee for their work rescuing Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis […]

Israeli imposes a travel ban on members of groups supporting BDS

The Guardian reported yesterday (7th January) that Israel has imposed a travel ban on 20 foreign NGOs over boycott movement.

War on Want responded with forceful statement that this was “a desperate attempt to silence a growing movement that is holding Israel to account for its systematic abuse of Palestinian rights and persistent violations of international law”. […]

An interview with Robert Cohen

Huw Spanner interviews blogger Robert Cohen for the Church Times:

In particular, [Cohen] is calling for Churches to commit to “costly solidarity” with the Palestinian people. Among his prescriptions is “refusing to allow your local Jewish communal leadership to set the boundaries of permissible debate on Israel”.

“Jewish-Christian dialogue is about to go through the wringer,” he warned, in a blog earlier this year. “Long-standing relationships with Jewish neighbours and clerical colleagues will deteriorate long before they can be rebuilt with new foundations. . . It means you will be branded Israel haters. You will be branded anti-Semitic.” […]

A graphic account of the moral bankruptcy of the leadership of the American Jewish community

Eli Valley is an American cartoonist/polemicist who often leaves Steve Bell looking timid by comparison. Coming from the heart of the American Jewish community, whose leadership rounds on its critics with remorseless intensity, Valley has responded with a quiet fury of his own. Now read on! […]