Statement of Principles:


All out for a Labour victory on 3rd May

Do what you can to ensure a victory for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn!

Consult the newly relaunched Momentum app MyNearestMarginal so you can find your nearest marginal council in the upcoming local elections! […]

Joint Statement on Tory links to antisemitism in European politics

A joint statement, signed by Independent Jewish Voices, Jewish Socialists’ Group, Jewish Voice for Labour and Jews for Justice for Palestinains.

As the House of Commons holds a debate on antisemitism called by the Conservative Party, we are calling on the Prime Minister to confront the political parties and governments in Europe that have exploited and fuelled a rising tide of antisemitism. […]

Marc Wadsworth defends himself against unsubstantiated allegations, now apparently withdrawn…

Marc Wadsworth responds to a Guardian article’s reference to the incident that led to his suspension from the party, which he is will be vigorously contesting at a hearing this month.

Subsequent to this letter, Asa Winstanly published an article in the Electronic Intifada (11 April) under the heading “Labour Israel lobbyist deletes anti-Semitic “conspiracy” claims” […]