Statement of Principles:


JVL AGM backs Marc Wadsworth

Black activist Marc Wadsworth was given a standing ovation on addressing the Annual General Meeting of Jewish Voice for Labour in London on 29 April (see Grassroots Black Left’s Facebook post).

The meeting then unanimously agreed this resolution condemning his expulsion from the Labour Party:

JVL condemns the expulsion of Marc Wadsworth from the Labour […]

What has been going on?

Interesting and provocative analyses of the current onslaught on Corbyn and the Labour party continue to appear. We give short extracts from three of them, by Richard Seymour, Mark Mazower and Mike McNair, with links to the full articles. […]

Campaign Against Antisemitism? Oh no it doesn’t!

Who are the CAA who have called the antisemitism demo against Corbyn and the Labour Party on Sunday?

First of all, they have nothing whatsoever to say about the spectre which is haunting Europe – the truly alarming rise of major far right, neo-fascist parties across ten countries, yes ten. […]

Trying to take Palestine off the agenda

Paul Keleman, the author of the acclaimed book The British Left and Zionism: History of a Divorce (2012) is in no doubt that the pro-Israel lobby is the main driving force in the current campaign “aimed at closing down debate on Israel’s continuing settlement expansion and military occupation”. […]

The truth about Corbyn supporters’ Facebook groups

In response to a statement JVL issued yesterday on antisemitism in Facebook groups we are delighted to publish this correction and extended analysis of what actually goes on in Corbyn supporting Facebook groups and how they are moderated. […]

Videos from JVL’s rally in Parliament Square

On 26 March the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council displayed their selective outrage in Parliament Square launching, with the support of Tories and too many Labour MPs, an attack on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

They have never displayed such concern about antisemitism in any other party or about the far […]

JVL statement on antisemitic posts on social media

As a Jewish organisation of Labour Party members, we are appalled and sickened at antisemitic posts which have been pointed out on social media. We would never tolerate such posts among our members, nor any form of racism or other bigotry. […]

A time to speak out

A personal statement and analysis by Justin Schlosberg, activist and media expert. A short letter to the Guardian was not published, so this longer piece was produced for the Medium website. The author discusses how reasoned discussion – and effective action against antisemitism – is being hampered by “a climate of hysteria and repression fostered by Westminster, the media, and the right-wing Jewish lobby”. […]

Jewish members of the Haringey Labour parties speak out

The letter here has been signed by several Jewish members of the Haringey Labour parties and submitted to the Guardian “Opinion is free” page and to the Jewish Chronicle [on 27th March].

It seems not to have been published. […]

Campaign for Labour Party Democracy statement

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) stands fully in support of Jeremy Corbyn and against the unjust attacks that are being made on him and the Labour Party. […]