Statement of Principles

Why is Momentum supporting the compromise NEC rule change?

Mike Cushman reacts to the news that Momentum is supporting the rule change on disciplinary procedures. He argues strongly that this decision is misjudged, the threat to free speech that it poses all too real.. […]

Rule changes – a guide for the perplexed

The JLM has claimed a total victory in getting the NEC to accept their proposed rule change in its totality, claiming it is “the precise text that JLM promoted and asked for”. This is simply not true, as Jonathan Rosenhead explains in a careful dissection of a complicated set of amendments. […]

Labour NEC’s proposed rule change on antisemitism etc

Rumours have abounded in the last couple of days as to what rule change the Labour Party NEC would be proposing. Here, from Skwawkbox, would appear to be the definitive answer to that question. […]

Back Hastings & Rye Labour Party rule change

Hastings once stood solid behind a shield wall. Let’s keep solid and ensure we are not defeated this time around Cross-posted from Free Speech on Israel

There are two radically different rule changes on the agenda for Labour Party Conference later in September dealing with alleged antisemitism in the Party. One from the Jewish […]

JVL letter to councillors in Newham

Another London borough council, Newham this time, is coming under pressure to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism. JVL has written to all councillors arguing why this would be a retrograde move. […]

Antisemitism in contemporary Great Britain: a new report

The Institute for Jewish Policy Research has published one of the most comprehensive studies of antisemitism every conducted in Britain. “It finds that only a small proportion of British adults can be categorised as ‘hard-core’ antisemites – approximately 2% – yet antisemitic ideas can be found at varying degrees of intensity across 30% of British society.” It draws important distinctions between anti-Israelism and antisemitism but finds some correlation between them in some contexts. “Yet, importantly, most of the antisemitism found in British society exists outside of these three groups – the far-left, far-right and Muslims; even at its most heightened levels of intensity, only about 15% of it can be accounted for by them.” [Blurb crossposted from the Jews for Justice for Palestinians website] […]

Sarah Glynn unpicks the fine lines between anti-Zionism and antisemitism. An organisation calling itself Jewish Human Rights Watch has just published a report that purports to show that the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign is motivated, not by concern for the plight of the Palestinians, but by hatred of Jews. As Glynn makes clear: “As an attack on SPSC it cannot be taken seriously, but it still makes for some uncomfortable reading.” […]

Report of the Jewish Labour Movement conference

Shlomo Anker gives a mixed report on the annual conference of the Jewish Labour Movement on 3 September. “[Y]ou won’t be surprised to hear that being a Momentum member I felt quite uncomfortable. However there were some positive sessions and overall it was worth going to… […]

JVL defends Derby MP who criticised “politically motivated antisemitism smears”

Jewish Voice for Labour has expressed its support for Chris Williamson MP, the latest leading Labour Leftwinger who supports justice for Palestine to face attacks from the pro-Israel lobby. The Derby North MP has been attacked by Marie van der Zyl, vice-president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, for suggesting that many people in the Jewish community are appalled at the misuse of antisemitism allegations for political ends. People, Williamson said, “have stopped listening to the smears and lies and dirty tricks.” […]

Fight antisemitism and defend free speech

The Jewish Socialists’ Group recently issued a critical statement on the International Holocaust Memorial Alliance’s definition of antisemitism. They argue it is being used to muzzle free speech on Israel/Palestine and on Zionism as a political ideology and offer instead a simpler, clearer and more accurate definition. […]