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Opposition is growing to the use of the IHRA definition of antisemtism

Ben Whtie writes: “Pro-Israel groups in Britain are facing resistance in their attempts to use a controversial definition of antisemitism to stifle Palestine solidarity activism.

Concerns over free speech are being heeded by universities and local authorities, in what is a boost for Palestine rights activists currently holding, or preparing to hold, Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) events on campuses nationwide. […]

Discussion and book launch on Antisemitism in central London on 28th February

A meeting in central London, organised by JVL.

Come along for a grown-up discussion on antisemitism, to reclaim the fight against antisemitism as a left wing, anti-racist cause and to consider the question of anti-Zionism and antisemitism, intersections between antisemitism and other racisms and the complexities of being a majority group in one state and a minority everywhere else. […]

Crowdfunding appeal for Marc Wadsworth to defend himself against charges of antisemitism

Marc Wadsworth is a black activist who has fought racism and antisemitism all his life. Despitehis history of anti-racist campaigning, Labour expelled him by email the very day of the June 2016 launch of the party’s Shami Chakrabarti report which he had attended after Ruth Smeeth MP accused him – quite unjustly – of antisemitism.

Read his story and support his appeal. […]

IHRA definition of antisemitism – for the avoidance of doubt

There are claims made that when adopting the IHRA definition of antisemtism the Labour Party adopted the eleven illustrative, and highly-contentious, examples of what might, “taking into account the overall context”, be examples of antisemitism. This claim is false. The Labour Party simply adopted the 38-word definition, as Ian McNicol has clarified. […]

Stephen Sedley in the London Review of Books

Stephen Sedley discusses the curious origins of the IHRA definition of antisemtism. […]

BBC’s Emily Maitlis simply assumes that accusations of antisemitism are true

In an interview with Momentum chief Jon Lansman on Newsnight on 26th January, presenter Emily Maitlis made unfounded allegations against suspended Labour Party member David Watson who has been fighting for justice within the party for more than 20 months. We reproduce here a formal complaint to the BBC, its mealy-mouthed response and a follow-up complaint. […]

A rise in antisemitism in 2017 – a wake-up call to all antiracists

Antisemitic graffiti on the grounds of a synagogue in Leeds

The Community Security Trust’s 2017 Antisemitic Incidents Report

The Community Security Trust’s 2017 Antisemitic Incidents Report, was published today. It reveals a disturbing increase in antisemitic incidents nationwide in 2017, the highest total CST has ever recorded for a calendar year. The 1,382 incidents […]

Would the Labour Party expel Einstein for antisemitism

Here’s one we missed earlier – dating from October last year. Belatedly, we’re rushing to make good our omission!

Leon Rosselson was offended when his local Labour controlled council voted, like other councils, as well as universities and the UK government, to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism. He explains why. […]

The Big Questions, BBC1, 28 January 2018: Antisemitism and the left

Watch Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi of JVL and others debate the issue of “antisemitism and the left”

Posted 29 January 2018 at 12:57. Updated with a note from Noami Wimborne-idrissi at 14:47

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi writes:

Former MP Chris Mullin, author of 1980s novel A Very British Coup, which imagined the establishment reaction in the event of […]

Holocaust Memorial Day: Never Again, to Anyone

David Rosenberg and others recently took part in a trip to Auschwitz organised by Unite Against Fascism. Here, on Holocaust Memorial Day, he describes the trip as both “a chastening reckoning with the past but also a confrontation with racism and fascism in the present” […]