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In support of Marc Wadsworth

Marc Wadsworth. Photo: Twitter

Jewish and Black activists united in support of antiracist campaigner Marc Wadsworth

A JVL Statement, 25 April 2018

One of the most prominent campaigners for justice for Stephen Lawrence, whose racist murder 25 years ago we commemorate this month, was black journalist and activist Marc Wadsworth. In 1998 Marc, a leading member of the Anti-Racist Alliance (ARA), helped organise a meeting between Nelson Mandela and Stephen’s parents, Doreen and Neville Lawrence, giving an enormous boost to their campaign for justice.

The Stephen Lawrence inquiry under Sir William MacPherson, which reported the following year, identified “institutional racism” at the heart of British policing and set the framework for identifying hate crimes and bringing perpetrators to book.

Now Marc Wadsworth himself is the object of a massive injustice, wrongly accused of a hate crime he did not commit, allegedly directed at a female Jewish MP. To compound the irony, the incident in question occurred at the launch in 2016 of a major report into racism in the Labour Party.

Responding to charges that there was a problem of antisemitism within the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn commissioned a report by respected human rights lawyer Shami Chakrabarti. Its launch by both Corbyn and Chakrabarti in June 2016 was attended by Marc Wadsworth in his capacity as a journalist, a Black activist and a Labour Party campaigner. He brought with him press releases drawing attention to the disruptive activities of some Labour MPs opposed to the Corbyn leadership.

At the press conference Marc asked a question focusing on the need for Labour to do more to integrate members of BAME communities into the life of the party. This key feature of the Chakrabarti report received no attention from other journalists present who seemed fixated on attacking Corbyn. One in particular, from the Daily Telegraph, had demanded that he denounce the press release Marc had been distributing. In response, Marc said – as a preamble to his main question – that he had seen the Telegraph reporter handing a copy of his press release to an MP, apparently working together.

At that, pandemonium broke loose, the MP in question walked out of the room followed by the Telegraph reporter and several others, and all attention focused on her, not on the content and implications of the Chakrabarti Report.

From this incident a wave of hysteria grew, in which Marc’s brief comment was twisted to allege antisemitism against a man who has fought racism all his life. Marc Wadsworth was peremptorily suspended from the Labour Party and today (April 25), nearly two years after the event, has been arraigned before a panel of the National Constitutional Committee for this supposed offence.

Jewish Voice for Labour believes that he must be cleared of any charges of antisemitism, and that his suspension should be lifted forthwith. His treatment has been a travesty of the transparent, fair and equitable procedures one would expect from a labour movement organisation. It is a further irony that his summary suspension followed by 22 months in limbo would not have been possible if the relevant recommendations of the Chakrabarti Report had been implemented. Although adopted by the National Executive Committee soon after its publication, the party’s entrenched bureaucracy, in place before Corbyn was elected leader, has obstructed the implementation of the report’s recommendations. Instead it has continued to suspend and harass pro-Corbyn party members – especially those who support justice for the Palestinian people – using the flawed rules which Chakrabarti declared unfit for purpose.

This out of control regime has resulted in the unjust silencing of hundreds of Labour Party members committed to working for a progressive Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. We trust that the rejection of the totally ill-founded charges against Marc Wadsworth will herald the end of this sorry chapter in the Party’s history.


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40 comments to In support of Marc Wadsworth

  • Cathy Murphy

    Thank you!

  • Sarah Banks

    There is an absolute and well known existence of an anti-Semitic trope of the media being in the grip of zionist patrons, he specifically names Ruth Smeeth and makes the statement ‘we know who’s working hand in hand’. There is also the trope of corrupt politicians working with media, he may well have intended this link and not considered the fact that Ms Smeeth was of Jewish heritage. Discrimination legislation does not require intent it only requires effect and so at this point there would appear to be a point to answer. What I would ask him to consider is the subtlety of discrimination that he may have experienced in his youth as a person of colour. From the clutching of a hand bag or crossing of a road when people see him in the street, the disproportionate impact of stop and search on young black males, and more recently Asian males, the very real impact of white politicians protesting against him, and the discrimination he will have experienced throughout his life will, I’m sure make him aware that discrimination comes in all guises. If you are to put the experience of anti-Semitism against the Jewish community I am sure you have similar examples. A failure to see one discrimination when we are so aware of the other actually does make us as a party and individually, accountable for anti – Semitism. Many good people can easily slip in to this behaviour without being aware. Discrimination across all the strands of diversity occurs, for example someone who experiences racism is not immune from perpetrating sexism. Perhaps his outstanding work for race relations intensified the impact his comments had on Ms Smeeth, I cannot speak for her in respect to the impact nor to his intent in his comments only they can. I feel it is incumbent on us as a party to take this very difficult subject and seize this opportunity to open an honest dialogue of the impact of all discrimination. I do not wish to see people expelled but I do wish to see an environment where people feel they can safely express their concerns.

    • Mike Cushman

      As Marc had no knowledge that Smeeth was Jewish it is impossible for there to have been any antisemitic intent. It is his ignorance of her religion not any failure of introspection that is the marker. Brian Klug discusses this exact point in his frequently referenced discussion of what is an antisemitic incident through the 73 bus thought experiment. https://www.jmberlin.de/sites/default/files/antisemitism-in-europe-today_2-klug.pdf pages 3-5 Read that and think again about your allegation of antisemitism.

    • There is a trope that Jews control the media. Calling out an MP for openly working with a journalist from a right-wing newspaper has nothing to do with that trope.

    • Jan Brooker

      The response of Ruth Smeeth [you can hear it in the video] “How dare you. How absolutely dare you” brings to mind racist white southern US supremacists and their attitude towards Black people, similarly those that regard themselves as members of a superior ‘class’ talking down to working people. The video also shows that the media’s reporting of her leaving the meeting ‘in tears’ is a fabrication, it can be seen that she looks around to get the reaction of those around her, and only THEN stages her walk-out.

    • Mervyn Hartwig

      Marc has indicated repeatedly that he wasn’t aware that Ruth Smeeth is Jewism.

    • Adam Waterhouse

      Sarah Banks: what you describe as a troupe is supported by extensive empirical evidence. I would refer you to the research of the Glasgow Media group summarized in the books Bad News from Israel and More Bad News from Israel or the research in the differential in the rates of reporting of child deaths conducted by Alison Weir of If American’s Knew. Those accusing Marc of being anti-Semitic are well aware that they are using the accusation of anti-Semitism as as a political smear tactic and an attempt at undermining Jeremy Corbyn who is a long-standing supporter of the rights of the Palestinian people and a patron of Palestine Solidarity Campaign. In doing so they are standing on the shoulder’s of scoundrels as there is a long and well-documented history of accusations of “anti-Semitism” being used as a smear tactic against anyone and everyone supporting the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. “Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History” by Norman Finkelstein documents this phenomena in great detail. It is an utter disgrace that historical Jewish oppression by Europeans is being used to provide a smoke-screen for present-day oppression of Palestinians by Zionist Jews, as Walter Wolfgang, Hajo Meyer, and many other Holocaust survivors have pointed out [See their videos on YouTube, and Hajo Meyer’s book The End of Judaism: An Ethical Tradition Betrayed].

    • Elisabeth Winkler

      Sarah Banks, well said.

      Adam Waterhouse, while abuse of anti-semitism does indeed exist as the son of Holocaust survivor Norman Finklestein attests, the anti-semitic tropes ALSO exist.

      This is AND/AND (not either/or) and that is why this issue is so complex and needs open discussion.

      • Adam Waterhouse

        The cause of Anti-Semitic tropes at the current time, other than those that originate from Neo-Nazis or Holocaust deniers is Zionism itself which conflates Zionism with Judaism. When bombs rain down upon schools and hospitals from bomber planes emblazoned with the Star of David and when IDF soldiers occupying Palestinian homes – such as during Operation Protective Edge in 2014 – defecate in Palestinian living rooms, wreck the family’s belongings and then scrawl the Star of David on their walls is it any wonder that some people arrive at the conclusion that “the Jews” are a pretty mean and heartless bunch? I belong to the same school of thought as Tony Greenstein – one of the founders of Labour Against the Witchhunt – who says that Jews should accept the inevitability of some amount of hostility towards Jews [which has nothing specifically to do with the Labour Party in any case, or, for that matter, with anti-Semitism as historically understood] for as long as Zionist Israel Jews continue to commit such horrendous crimes in the name of all Jews, and should take up their grievances with the Israeli government and pro-Zionist organisations who perpetuate this conflation.

    • Richard Sanders

      Even if we accept that what Mr Wadsworth said was an Anti-Semitic “trope” – and frankly, it’s a stretch – it’s self evidently only anti-Semitic if he knows the person he is talking about is Jewish, which Wadsworth clearly didn’t in that he had to ask the Telegraph journalist who she was.

      Let’s step back and look at what happens here. At a press conference to launch a report on racism a black person and a white person have an altercation. The white person then puts out a press release falsely accusing the black person of referring to a “media conspiracy” – words Wadsworth never used. Despite the fact the exchange is caught on camera, the vast bulk of the media unquestioningly report her version of events, many of them reporting Wadsworth’s “anti-Semitism” as fact rather than opinion. They dwell at great length on Smeeth supposedly being reduced to tears. By contrast, in much of the initial reporting Wadsworth wasn’t even given a name!!

      For the sake of an easy life (presumably – it can’t possibly be based on the evidence) the Labour Party then finds the black person guilty of bringing the party into disrepute and expels him.

      If we are in the business of digging out racism under every stone and behind every carelessly worded comment – might I suggest it’s staring us in the face here?!

  • This another good man,as with Jeremy Corbyn that is being accused of antisemetism for no other purpose than objecting to an individual because you don’t like them.I find it cruel and insensitive that all suffering the Jewish people have endured,antisemetism is being used as a political football with sole purpose of bringing down an individual.It is as abhorrent as antisemetism and these people need to stopped.They are serving no purpose in support of the Jewish people and I wish they would find some other way of voicing their dislike or disagreement with a person or group.Its as unacceptable as antisemetism.

  • M. Langton

    The racist hounding of a black man making un anti-Semitic comments about a right wing LABOUR MP working closely with a right wing newspaperis a real concern . The constant evocation of ‘tropes’, tropes, tropes tropes. Its not all about YOU. Back in the real world, where people are not constantly obsessing about Jews, Jewishness or cartoons from the 18th century. He didn’t know Smeeth was Jewish – to impute anti-Semitism in this case is wholly disingenuous.

  • Rosie Brocklehurst

    Firstly, oh dear! Secondly, can I mention that a broad church of a Party controlled by the right, is always easier to manage than a broad church controlled by the left. The left believes in democracy and the voice of the people. The right do not. The left is far less controllable and undoubtedly, far more ill-disciplined. It is also full to the brim of worthy, single-issue politics, expounded by people who think they are more important than the Party and its overarching goal. Then of course, after decades of suppression, we hear such a cacophony of individual voices saying ” But I need to be heard” , it is of course, very understandable, because New Labour neglected us and the poor, and the insecure, and the young, so very badly and the Tories did far worse with its nasty policies. To the point- I don’t think Sarah Banks comment is in support of Mark Wadsworth exactly. It is well nuanced and highlights the subtleties of anti-Semitism, which, (not in Sarah’s analysis I stress), but in the current Mann-fed, Board of Deputies-shaped-narrative for the MSM, in effect, means shutting down any criticism at all, ever, against any right-leaning Jewish person, for their behaviours. Malevolent criticism of left-leaning Jews is OK apparently for they do it against JVL and Jewdas persistently. I must ask. What was Wadsworth doing at the Chakrabarti Press Conference. Why was he allowed to speak? Why did he not show any self-control or does he think he is more important than the policies we need? We’ll not get them now. Marc was apparently naïve. This goes back to my first point about a broad church. Corbyn’s strategy and media team have failed. McLuskey is right and he won’t say what I am saying here, because it is too negative right now. But it is a likely scenario. The Polls are looking bad anyway for local Labour in London Boroughs. Much damage has been done. And it is probably too late. It is almost an impossible job of course to rebut this stuff when there are almost no friends in what is the most establishment-friendly interdependent elitist MSM in thirty years. So abhorrent to be mugged and muted by people such as Mann, and won’t stop until they have got rid of Corbyn and brought in David Miliband or some such. Suspect anti-Semitism will go on being portrayed as thriving in a Party where it is the least likely to thrive until a new leader is found acceptable to the MSM and the New Labourites. The end game is I fear going to be like that. After a decent interval a new leader acceptable to Progress, will proclaim the clean up operation has ended. This, after a few thousand left leaning Labour people are expunged just for being very left and far too cross, and the rest leave voluntarily. Of course, where will this actually leave anti-Semitism? Those who accused won’t care. They never provided evidence of provenance. Providing evidence of who did it is an anti Semitic trope perhaps? It was never really about that. It was about getting Corbyn out and keeping New Labourites in power and crushing CLP democracy. Sections of Schama’s History of the Jews last night (24th April) brought home yet again how a small trickle of anti-Semitism can feed dormant prejudices in the most unspeakable ways. But dormant prejudices must never be given yeast to ferment and mutate. Deeply and persistent deliberate and unfair focus by the MSM on this issue has already provided some yeast, because it is so inflated and disingenuous. One unpalatable truth is that the behaviours of a few have fostered much more bad feeling than existed hitherto. Jewish groups are pitted against each other, yet JVL tried to be open and friendly. Bread and Circuses eh! They were never going to shake your hand. And, if, as I suspect, Corbyn goes, following a disastrous local election or GE result, what brought his demise about will not be forgotten. JVL have been fab, countering vile hypocrisy against their their own health and wellbeing – but it was always going to be too little too late. Now I fear a Socialist Government under Corbyn will not happen. I have never before so longed to be found wrong. But any new incumbent will have to address the millions who have been neglected for far too long. And in that sense, Corbyn and his policies and ours will have won through.

    • Sally McDonald

      Today’s polls showing Labour set to do very well in the local elections. Corbyn’s going nowhere. But Mann and co will be facing trigger ballots. Besides which, even if Corbyn was ousted, there’s NO WAY the membership will return to neo liberal business as usual under someone like David Miliband. So the Labour right are wasting thrir efforts. The genie is not going back in the bottle.

  • Suzanne Stephenson

    Ruth Smeeth has realised that accusing anyone who doesn’t agree with her of antisemitism works really well (it’s been working for Israel for years). We have now elevated anti-Semitism to something apparently much worse than any other form of racism or negative discrimination, and for which there is no defense. If a person is Jewish – whether anyone knew it or not – they cannot be criticised. Ruth Smeeth’s religion is irrelevant, her politics and her behaviour as an MP and a member of the Labour Party are, but the accusations of antisemitism immunise her.

  • Brigid Benson

    Thank you to JVL for being a spark of sanity & humanity at this time.
    However Ms Banks implies that because someone is Jewish, it is not permissible to criticise the policies they support??? This has very worrying implications for us all about our freedom of expression and scope to disagree with politicians & others, whatever their religion or background. We are just being distracted & dragged further and further away from discussion and campaigning about the fine policies that the LP has drawn up to contest Tory government austerity, inequality and housing misery for millions. What a tragedy for them and a travesty for us that some members of the PLP would rather wreck this opportunity than support such fantastic policies & our chosen Leader.

  • Margaret E Johnson

    In my opinion we can only be responsible for our own words actions and inactions. We cannot be held responsible for the feelings of others, unless we deliberately try to engender those feelings. What has gone before in their lives we cannot always know. Trying to make someone culpable for feelings in another person is trying to silence anything and everything we might want to say. I am not Jewish so I cannot possibly know what any Jewish individual might feel at any one time. I was brought up in the Catholic Faith but left that church as I found myself disagreeing with so many things within it. Questioning everything is the way we progress as people and civilisation is not censorship.

  • Graham Campbell

    This is a very cynical continuation of the establishment-inspired smearing of supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. Marc Wadsworth is one of the Labour movement’s most tireless veteran fighters against all forms of racism including against antisemitism. I remember this guy made an explicit point of including leaders of the Jewish communities when he led the construction of the Anti Racist Alliance in 1991 and later on the National Assembly Against Racism in 1994. It was obvious by the context of his comments that it was Ruth Smeeth’s collaboration with a right-wing establishment Tory newspaper he was attacking. What would a purportedly Labour MP be doing casually exchanging information with the Telegraph which is conducting this war of constant bad-news-mortar fire against Corbyn’s leadership? Marc was clearly condemning Smeeth’s reactionary collaboration with an arch enemy media outlet – not her background. It was a classic diversionary use of the race card for politically opportunist effect. It was and is itself an act of deep racism against Marc. Why aren’t those right-wing Labour MPs marching into parliament about Windrush where the Tory government (The Home Office) is imprisoning, sacking, withdrawing medical treatment from, making homeless, separating the families of and even deporting their own constituents? It seems they don’t notice the institutionalised racism of the Tories but want to prioritise the undoubtedly important issue of tackling antisemitic ideological tropes inside Labour. Priorities, priorities!

  • Andy Macdonald

    If someone says something to someone that is taken in a different way to how it was meant, that could perhaps be described as an insult. It could be described as racist or anti-Semitic, depending on the context. But it iseems to me that this is of a very different level of seriousness than deliberate racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, whatever. That just seems to be common sense. A resolution of the situation might occur by the explanation of the hurt inadvertently caused and a subsequent apology and acceptance of the apology. That is what I would expect of decent people anyway. I don’t know enough about these particular happenings to judge if this is a close approximation to what happened here? Just saying what I thought. No offence intended, tell me if I am wrong.

    • Mervyn Hartwig

      If anyone should apologise it is Ruth Smeeth. As Graham Campbell says above “It was obvious by the context of his comments that it was Ruth Smeeth’s collaboration with a right-wing establishment Tory newspaper he was attacking. What would a purportedly Labour MP be doing casually exchanging information with the Telegraph which is conducting this war of constant bad-news-mortar fire against Corbyn’s leadership? Marc was clearly condemning Smeeth’s reactionary collaboration with an arch enemy media outlet – not her background. It was a classic diversionary use of the race card for politically opportunist effect. It was and is itself an act of deep racism against Marc.”

    • Kathryn Packwood

      Wadsworth didn’t mention her race or religion either directly or indirectly, therefore he is not guilty of antisemitism and has nothing to apologise for. Smeeth made the connection in her own head, that is if she didn’t deliberately construct it.

  • Annie Weatherly-Barton

    Well done JVL. It’s so good to have you in support of Jeremy Corbyn and being sounding board for all of us! So grateful you are supporting Marc. Having seen footage I fail to see anything that suggests A-S. Am happy to have your guidance in these matters.
    Personally feeling battered by other groups who have attacked thousands of honest, good, kind, honourable Labour Supporters! I am not Jewish but I know what it is like to be bullied, physically & emotionally abused every da of my early childhood, being put down at school, being denied of any respect all my life. Working class people were considered “factory fodder!” I sincerely feel there is more that can unite us than divide us if the will is there. Love what you are all doing to bring us all together as a community of people who want a country for the many and not the few. Thank you so much. Your compassion & care has caused me to cry with joy. Shalom.

  • Donald King

    Is it OK for a Labour MP to have been named in a Wikileaks cable as an American ‘asset’ and whose name was followed in brackets with the phrase ‘strictly protect’? More information about R.S. and her husband can be found in ‘Notes From The Borderland.’

  • Donald King

    Another MP who is also ‘strictly protect’ is a Tory. Does this make it alright for a Labour MP?

  • Does JVL support LAW’s petition to Jeremy Corbyn? If it does not will it please explain why it does not. I do not understand why cannot all stand united against this continuing right-wing inspired and orchestrated onslaught which has witnessed one anti-racist comrade after another picked off. Marc today Ken and Jackie are next. I want to know who sat on this NCC hearing and how each one voted. Any chance?

  • Dr Brian Robinson

    I know that Jeremy Corbyn is in a difficult position and despite his popularity and genuineness is politically rather weak, nevertheless I’m sorry that he opted for an approach of compromise and conciliation with his cynically dishonest accusers, rather than robustly nailing the lies, slanders and apologetics inherent in the bogus allegations of “antisemitism”. He could hardly have been in a worse position now had he done so, because so brilliantly successful has been the campaign (though if it succeeds its victory will be a pyrrhic one) that whatever he does or doesn’t do he is made to seem, by a willingly complicit media, to invalidate himself: a classic double bind.

    It’s so obvious that Marc Wadsworth wasn’t being antisemitic that it shouldn’t even need saying, and I’ve read that the charge was indeed changed to one of bringing the party into disrepute, but in any case not for the first time since this whole hysteria broke out, we need to keep asking, demanding, that people define their terms: what do you mean when you say ‘antisemitism’? What we’ve had most of this time, from politicians, journalists, commentators is simply Humpty Dumpty’s practical linguistics, HD having famously told Alice, “‘When I use a word,’ [he] said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean- neither more nor less’.”

    It’s not about real, true antisemitism, hatred of, discrimination against, Jews as Jews (or against a misconceived idea of Jews wrought through projective mental mechanisms) — when it’s not about attempts to stop the Corbyn progressive project, it’s about attempts to prevent any possibility of a Corbyn-led government that would make a complete and welcome change in the UK attitude to Israel, as it would change foreign policy towards other human-rights-abusing countries, involving a halt to arms sales, a condemnation of the illegal Israeli settlements and other forms of Israeli expansionism, as well as all the cruelties, indignities and humiliations inflicted by Israel on the Palestinian people, and that’s not to talk about the deliberate use of life fire against unarmed protesters that we’ve been seeing in recent weeks right up to and including this very day. (With well-attested recent medical reports of more than even usually destructive flesh and bone wounds, considered the result of new bullets with enhanced traumatogenic effects.)

    In short a Corbyn government, besides much else good it would do the world, would start to bring an end to Israeli exceptionalism.

    I have of course no evidence whatever that the Israeli Embassy has any involvement in the slanders and smears to which we’ve been witness these past couple of years (which if it existed would be along the lines exposed in a famous Al Jazeera documentary last year, and might be analagous to the alleged existence of Russian trolls widely supposed to have exploited social media such as Facebook), but I can’t put it beyond my imagination that such involvement might not only occur in a piece of totally unbelievable fiction.

    I have a much more personal reason for being so dismayed, no, that’s not strong enough, distraught is the word that I think captures my feelings more. It’s simply unconscionable that people with whom I would once have happily identified have behaved in such a despicable way, fellow Jews misappropriating the word antisemitism, potentially debasing and devaluing valid accusations in cases where it does occur, emptying terms of all authentic signification.

    I remain contentedly identified as Jewish, culturally, ethnically, if not religiously, but I couldn’t identify with a Jewish community that so allows its spokespersons to seemingly endorse the false claims of Israeli government mouthpieces that Israel somehow speaks and acts in the name of all Jews everywhere, not just Israeli Jews. That would be wrong in itself, but it goes deeper than that, because it’s very difficult to blame some people, who might not be all that well-informed about these issues, when they take an Israeli government at its word. How can we be surprised, must less indignant, when they falsely blame all Jews for Israel’s crimes?

    But when I used the phrase ‘pyrrhic victory’ above, I was thinking about something even more alarming and threatening. Jeremy’s accusers, and those ultimately responsible today for Marc Wadsworth’s unjust expulsion, have made the accusations, false accusations, in the name of Jewry. The media have given very little coverage, and almost invariably hostile coverage at that, to those of us who dissent. If the Corbyn project fails as a result of the campaign against it, who is going to feel the pain the most? Surely the young, with their idealistic hopes of a better future dashed to nothing. What will they do in their anger, sense of betrayal, confusion, abandonment? I dare not think.

    Marc is innocent of the charges made against him. His record alone should have exposed the charge as absurd. The whole thing is like living through some sort of surrealistic dream, only it’s all too horribly real.

  • […] in the Stephen Lawrence inquiry was precise on that point. (Wadsworth, as it happens, played a leading role in the campaign for justice for the Lawrence […]

  • Dr Paul

    Do these people within and outwith the Labour Party who are trying to undermine and remove Corbyn by way of making fatuous or grossly exaggerated accusations of anti-Semitism realise what might well be the effect if their plan succeeds?

    If Corbyn is ousted with accusations of anti-Semitism as the pretext and mobilising device, I have a horrible feeling that amongst the more politically backward elements and amongst those with a predilection for conspiracy theories in Britain and elsewhere, it will be insinuated or stated outright that it was ‘the Jews’ who toppled him. And so a campaign based upon largely bogus accusations of anti-Semitism could well directly assist the rise of the genuine anti-Semitism — that is, hatred of Jews, prejudice against Jews, conspiracy theories about Jews — that the far-right is now openly stirring up.

    Those people and media outlets using these accusations of anti-Semitism in their campaign against Corbyn are really playing with fire. I hope that my forebodings don’t come to fruition, but I have a dreadful feeling that an increase in genuine anti-Semitism will be one of the results of their campaign against him should they succeed in their quest to topple him.

  • […] communities, with left leaning Jewish groups being marginalised in this debate. See, for example, Jewish and Black activists united in support of antiracist campaigner Marc Wadsworth, which is Jewish Voice for Labour’s statement on this […]

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