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Keith Vaz speaks out in support of Marc Wadsworth

Story published on Operation Black Vote. Support for Marc Wadsworth from a perhaps unexpected quarter.

The veteran Labour MP has publically come out in support of recently expelled Black activist Marc Wadsworth.

In a 700 word letter to the Labour hierarchy Vaz points out that what has happened to Mr Wadsworth is a ‘horrible injustice’.

Mr Vaz – who has been a long time parliamentary supporter of Labour Friends of Israel – warned expelling Mr Wadsworth would send an extremely negative message to the black community.

On the day of Wadsworth’s expulsion OBV asked, was there more evidence that the public were not privy to, in regards to his party expulsion?

When LBC radio covered the story as an exclusive this morning their report began with the line, “To many Marc Wadsworth has been the epitome of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party”. Indeed the MP Ruth Speeth accused Wadsworth of that charge on her website for nearly two years, before removing that part. But many of us are still waiting to see how Wadsworth was anti-Semitic towards Speeth, and if he wasn’t, is the Labour really going to expel members for being discourteous towards MP’s?

In his letter, Keith Vaz points out that this present saga is doing nothing to build trust with Black communities who feel that Wadsworth has been scapegoated because the party want to show they are being tough on anti-Semitism.

OBV will do all its it power to maintain the trust and solidarity between Black and Jewish groups, and that is not undermined if people demand greater clarification about Wadsworth allegedly anti-Semitic remarks.

Simon Woolley

1 comment to Keith Vaz speaks out in support of Marc Wadsworth

  • John

    Black members in my CLP have been noting that black individuals like Marc Wadsworth and Jackie Walker have been singled out.
    They ask “What connects them?”
    Their answer to their own question is “The colour of their skin”.
    There is a real danger that in accommodating the fake anti-semitism campaign being waged against Labour, the party may well find itself also being accused of anti-black racism.
    It is high time the party leadertship – and, in particular, Jeremy Corbyn – acted decisively on this issue and started dismissing all the current outstanding false accusations against long-term loyal party members.
    They also need to get a grip on their disloyal MPs and introduce re-selection procedures to make them accountable to party members.

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