Statement of Principles:


Antisemitism and the Tory party

Why, asks media expert Justin Scholosberg, are the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Leadership Council and the Campaign Against Antisemitism so keen to sniff antisemitism out on the left but unable to see it when it strikes them between the eyes on the Tory right? […]

Chaim Neslen – father, devoted husband, Yiddishist, Bundist, humanist, and a true mensh

Arthur Neslen’s funeral tribute to his father Chaim, 4th April 2018 […]

The narrow-minded bigotry of the former Chief Rabbi

Paul Kelemen expresses the disappointment so many of us feel when a Jewish leader, like Lord Sacks, former Chief Rabbi for 22 years till 2013, makes the BBC’s ‘Thought for the Day’ slot an opportunity for narrow, special pleading for the politics of neo-conservatism, and Jewish self-interest as he perceives it, rather than as a call for the universalism embedded at the heart of Judaism as we know it. […]

The perils of social media

In this article Simon Jenkins is in no doubt about the destructive, corrosive nature of online abuse and the need to stamp it out. But rather than jumping to instant conclusions he stresses that we do not know who is posting the abuse or even if “they are orchestrated or just a bunch of thugs”. His call for deleting from social media anything that “the reader, or at least some moderator, cannot identify” should be seriously considered. […]

All out for a Labour victory on 3rd May

Do what you can to ensure a victory for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn!

Consult the newly relaunched Momentum app MyNearestMarginal so you can find your nearest marginal council in the upcoming local elections! […]

Joint Statement on Tory links to antisemitism in European politics

A joint statement, signed by Independent Jewish Voices, Jewish Socialists’ Group, Jewish Voice for Labour and Jews for Justice for Palestinains.

As the House of Commons holds a debate on antisemitism called by the Conservative Party, we are calling on the Prime Minister to confront the political parties and governments in Europe that have exploited and fuelled a rising tide of antisemitism. […]

Guardian denies space to 650+ Labour Party members challenging hostile media coverage

The Guardian has refused to publish a letter submitted over a week ago challenging hostile media coverage of the Labour Party, even though it attracted more than 650 signatures from party members in barely 24 hours […]

Cosmopolitan class consciousness and the fight against antisemitism

Jeremy Gilbert argues that the ‘Blairites’ and the traditional Labour right rooted in the Labour bureaucracy have their own distinctive reasons for wanting to promote the idea that the radical left is inherently antisemitic. He provides a detailed analysis of the strenghts and weaknesses of these forces in the Labour party

He concludes that to deal effectively with antisemitism, conspiracy theory, or racism of any kind Labour deperately needs a positive vision, one animated by ideas of human freedom and self-organisation. […]

Tackling antisemitism – not the Progress way

Immediately after the Parliament Square demonstration, Richard Angell, Director of Progresss published a quck 10-point guide to “How Labour can start stamping out antisemitism” on the Progress website. It is billed – quaintly – as a “Web Exclusive”.

Glyn Secker looks at each of the ten points and finds them highly problematic […]

More on the Israeli Labor Party

A few days ago we carried a post The demise of the Israeli Labor Party as any kind of progressive force, questioning the credentials of its leader, Avi Gabbay, for making any demands of any kind on Jeremy Corbyn.

Gary Spedding takes the argument further in the piece reproduced below, and calls for a rupture between the Labour Party and the Israeli Labour Party and for the building of relationships with Meretz and the Joint List instead. […]