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JVL statement on the massacre in Gaza

JVL statement on the massacre in Gaza

We mourn the deaths of the 16 Palestinians killed and the over fourteen hundred reported wounded by the Israeli Army yesterday, 30th March 2018, when Palestinians’ Land Day coincided with the first day of Passover, our own festival of freedom from oppression. We support the UN Secretary-General’s […]

Time for Jewish leaders to ask the Tories some difficult questions

David Rosenberg looks at the Tories unholy Alliance with far-right parties in their 73-member European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group in the European Parlament – such as the Polish Law and Justice Party, the Danish People’s Party, the Latvian National Alliance and other extremist, antisemitic and overtly Islamophobic organisations. […]

A time to speak out

A personal statement and analysis by Justin Schlosberg, activist and media expert. A short letter to the Guardian was not published, so this longer piece was produced for the Medium website. The author discusses how reasoned discussion – and effective action against antisemitism – is being hampered by “a climate of hysteria and repression fostered by Westminster, the media, and the right-wing Jewish lobby”. […]

Jewish members of the Haringey Labour parties speak out

The letter here has been signed by several Jewish members of the Haringey Labour parties and submitted to the Guardian “Opinion is free” page and to the Jewish Chronicle [on 27th March].

It seems not to have been published. […]

Enough already!

Jewdas is not renowned for the respect it pays to the elders of the Jewish community. Respect where it is due seems to be its watchword – and it doesn’t find much to respect.

But make up your own mind… […]

The Skwawkbox has a reputation for breaking Labour Party stories long before anyone else. Here is its view of how the reform of disciplinary procedures under new General Secretary Jennie Formy is likely to go in the coming weeks… […]

Jewish News – exclusive interview with Jeremy Corbyn

In the wake of the Jewish community’s unprecedented ‘Enough Is Enough’ protest against Labour anti-Semitism, Jewish News sat down with the party leader to discuss all the key issues of concern that drove more than 1,500 people to demonstrate outside Parliament this week. […]

Corbyn’s ultimate sin according to the Jewish Chronicle!

You’d think the central message of Jeremy Corbyn’s long interview with Jewish News was the fact that he “heaped praise on JVL”. While gratified to have had a passing mention, we thought the central message was Jeremy’s total commitment to fighting antisemitism. […]

Campaign for Labour Party Democracy statement

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) stands fully in support of Jeremy Corbyn and against the unjust attacks that are being made on him and the Labour Party. […]

Reflections on Monday’s events In Parliament Square

David Rosenberg, active member of the Jewish Socialists’ Group for well over 40 years, and a member of Jewish Voice for Labour, offers some personal reflections on recent events on his blog Rebel Notes. […]