Statement of Principles:


The Democracy Review – a Hastings and Rye CLP Preamble of Principle

Hastings and Rye CLP has adopted an overarching Preamble to it submissions to the Democracy Review, setting out some essential principles for Labour’s internal party life. It hopes other CLPs will do the same. […]

Would the Labour Party expel Einstein for antisemitism

Here’s one we missed earlier – dating from October last year. Belatedly, we’re rushing to make good our omission!

Leon Rosselson was offended when his local Labour controlled council voted, like other councils, as well as universities and the UK government, to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism. He explains why. […]

The Big Questions, BBC1, 28 January 2018: Antisemitism and the left

Watch Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi of JVL and others debate the issue of “antisemitism and the left”

Posted 29 January 2018 at 12:57. Updated with a note from Noami Wimborne-idrissi at 14:47

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi writes:

Former MP Chris Mullin, author of 1980s novel A Very British Coup, which imagined the establishment reaction in the event of […]

Holocaust Memorial Day: Never Again, to Anyone

David Rosenberg and others recently took part in a trip to Auschwitz organised by Unite Against Fascism. Here, on Holocaust Memorial Day, he describes the trip as both “a chastening reckoning with the past but also a confrontation with racism and fascism in the present” […]

Why does Labour need a Jewish voice? – Part 2

In this concluding part of this article Stephen Marks develops his views as to why Labour needs a Jewish voice and what our aims and priorities should be. […]

Labour bureaucracy hobbles defendants – again

Mike Cushman 24 January 2018

A party member has contacted JVL about the unnecessarily restrictions on how he can be represented at his disciplinary hearing. The party is insisting that defendants can only be represented by fully qualified, and therefore expensive, lawyers. Many, if not most, members cannot afford to pay a lawyer. The […]

Support for Amnesty International UK’s refusal to host settlement apologists

Jewish Voice for Labour has given its full support to Amnesty Intenational for refusing to host a meeting organised by the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) which would include speakers who support illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. And Ben White gives more background on the JLC. […]

What exactly is the IHRA definition of antisemitism?

The IHRA definition of antisemitism is a 38-word statement, no more no less. The eleven examples attached to it in a Romanian Chairmanship press release last year (on headed notepaper with a logo that looks like an out-of-focus photocopy) were not adopted by the IHRA, nor indeed by the Labour Party. That hasn’t stopped many councils and others adopting the eleven illustrative, and highly-contentious, examples (and often “forgetting” to include the qualification that “taking into account the overall context” these might (or might not) be examples of antisemitism. Jonathan Rosenhead investigates. […]

JVL letter to the NEC on the Syed Siddiqui Case, a draft motion, and lots of background

We reported on the Siddique case on 29th December. Here we bring it up to date and publish a letter sent by JVL to the Labour Party NEC, background information, and a model resolution to take to branches and GCs. […]

The Labour Party Democracy Review – a BAME Labour submission

In a submission to the Labour Party, Dr Maddison argues that the Labour Party needs to build an overall strategy to tackle all forms of prejudice, abuse and discrimination in order to set evidence-based priorities and to deal coherently with the issues faced by particular groups. The danger of allegations of racism being politically manipulated must be guarded against by the urgent implementation of the Chakrabarti report recommendations. […]