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Freedland’s gymnastics over Labour and antisemitism

Jonathan Freedland’s response in the Guardian to the launch of a new organisation, for Labour Jews who do not find the party a hostile place, was to ignore it completely and attack Leftwing grandees of the movement for denying “antisemitism in the ranks.” Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi responds. […]

Jewish Voice for Labour’s triumphant launch

Jonathan Rosenhead of JVL reports on the launch at Labour Party conference: “The launch of Jewish Voice for Labour seemed to be greeted with relief by a wide swathe of Labour opinion. In the meeting room it seemed almost as if there was a collective exhalation, a relaxation of tension. A relief that the absurd antisemitism concocted moral panic, which contradicted their lived experience in the Labour Party, was being called by its proper name – and by Jews!” […]

JVL letter in the Guardian

Jenny Manson, chair of Jewish Voice for Labour, corrects John Crace’s misapprehensions and untruths about the JVL launch meeting at Party conference. […]

At last, one paper reports on the actual JVL meeting!

John Gulliver of Camden New Journal wonders if he was the only journalist to attend the launch meeting of Jewish Voice for Labour at the recent Party conference. He gives a straight, honest and clear account. Wish others had been there or done so. […]

More on the Del Singh award

The latest in the Del Singh award saga. Mr Singh’s family has reacted furiously. His sister, Ms Kaur-Umfleet, said the family expected the award to be revoked and called for an explanation and apology from the Labour Party. […]

The Canary reports on JVL’s launch

A new movement in the Labour Party launched at the Annual Conference on 25 September. And in just a few days, it made itself known in a big way. Its delegates got standing ovations for their speeches, and two major unions have already backed it. […]

I am a secular Jew…

A heartfelt piece by Daniel Susskind on what it is to be Jewish: “There is no contradiction here, between being a devout Jew and not having faith. The Holocaust was not only an attempt to kill a Jewish God, but also to destroy a Jewish civilisation – our histories and memories, songs and stories, ways of thinking and living.” […]

Trade union support for JVL launch

JVL was given an immense boost when Len McCluskey leader of Unite union turned up at our launch and gave us an enthusiastic endorsement. As did Tosh McDonald of Aslef! Skwawkbox reports. […]

Of course we condemn Holocaust denial – but no-one denied it! – affirms Free Speech on Israel

Miko Peled, son of an Israeli general and IDF veteran himself, spoke at a fringe meeting at the Labour Party conference, organised by Free Speech on Israel (FSOI). He has been accused, absurdly, of Holocaust denial. FSOI issued a short statement about this which we publish here.

For the avoidance of all doubt: the meeting discussed in this posting was NOT the launch meeting of JVL. […]

“To be a Jew means always being with the oppressed, never with the oppressors.”

David Rosenberg’s speech at the public launch of Jewish Voice For Labour, at a fringe meeting of the Labour Conference 2017, attended by more than 200 people. David’s contribution was warmly and enthusiastically welcomed. Report to follow later today. […]