Statement of Principles:


Jewish soul-searching

Jeremiah Haber, the Magnes Zionist, in anticipation of the High Holiday Season makes a few practical suggestions for his liberal Zionist as well as his progressive non-Zionist and anti-Zionist brothers and sisters. And for himself: Subscribe to Haaretz, read Palestinian voices, don’t bandy words like “Zionism” about, put Palestinian rights at the centre of everything. […]

Socialist Resistance welcomes the formation of Jewish Voice for Labour

Socialist Resistance is an ecosocialist, feminist, internationalist and revolutionary organisation with a central project of building a broad party of the radical left to address the ongoing crisis of working class representation. It reports here on the context in which JVL is being launched […]

In the US the hegemony of Zionism is cracking

A report from the United States of America where the Jewish monolith seems to be crumbling a little faster than i nBritain. […]

The JC announces the launch of Jewish Voice for Labour

The Jewish Chronicle announces the formation of JVL. A surprisingly neutral report. […]

Richard Spencer and his white supremacist love of Israel

Naomi Dann, media manager at Jewish Voice for Peace, has ruffled feathers in the pretty monolithic world of Jewish public opinion in the United States. That monlith, challenged as never before by the antisemitism in the White House, is crumbling fast as the decision by the Forward to publish this attests. […]

Fight antisemitism and defend free speech

The Jewish Socialists’ Group recently issued a critical statement on the International Holocaust Memorial Alliance’s definition of antisemitism. They argue it is being used to muzzle free speech on Israel/Palestine and on Zionism as a political ideology and offer instead a simpler, clearer and more accurate definition. […]

Report on the formation of JVL

Asa Winstanley reports in the Electronic Intifada that Jewish members of the Labour Party have founded a new group, Jewish Voice for Labour. It will launch at the UK main opposition party’s conference in Brighton next month. The new initiative presents a challenge to an existing Israel lobby group that positions itself as the representative of Jewish members of Labour. […]

Media Statement – for immediate release

A new organisation, Jewish Voice for Labour, today announced its foundation as a network for progressive Labour Jews united in opposing all forms of racism. “Our mission is to contribute to making the Labour Party an open, democratic and inclusive party, encouraging all ethnic groups and cultures to join and participate freely,” the group said in its founding statement. […]